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About Crooked Corn Row Publishing

Crooked Corn Row Publishing was started to promote our title book, "You Get More Corn In A Crooked Row", by Paul F. Kleine. Now a second title has been added that is used as a study guide for the Amateur Radio tests. This guide is called the "Correct Radio Amateur Answer Manual" or CRAAM, and contains all of the licensing questions, with only the correct answers.

How This Works

Crooked Corn Row Publishing uses self publishing vendors to provide books to those that want them in a custom printing format. This allows for quick distribution to everyone that wants to receive a copy of the book.

Formats Available

Currently, both books are available in a paperback version. You Get More Corn In A Crooked Row is also available for purchase on the Kindle platform. It is also available to be loaned for free on the same Kindle platform.